Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Macau citizens

Saudi Arabia remains a preferred destination for many tourists, attracting visitors worldwide. For Macau citizens planning a visit, understanding the Saudi e-visa process is vital. Delve into the detailed guide below outlining the entry requirements, application procedure, and essential information pertaining to the Saudi e-visa for Macau citizens.

1. Saudi Arabia E-Visa Requirements for Macau Citizens

Do Macau Citizens Need a Saudi Arabia E-Visa?

Yes. Macau passport holders must acquire a Saudi Arabia visa for entry. Macau candidates can apply online through Saudi Immigration Services - our e-visa system easily or apply for a visa at the Saudi Embassy in China.

Keep reading to understand more about what is Saudi Arabia e-visa for Macau citizens.

Saudi Arabia E-Visa Overview

The Saudi Arabia eVisa, also known as the online visa, grants official entry to KSA permission. This streamlined process eliminates the need for physical embassy visits or document submissions in traditional ways.

Duration of Stay with KSA e-Visa

Macau travelers who hold a KSA eVisa can enjoy multiple entries for up to 90 days within a one-year validity period.

From 2023, Macau citizens eligible to apply for Saudi online visa

From 2023, Macau citizens eligible to apply for a Saudi online visa

2. Important Steps for Saudi E-Visa Application

Applying for a Saudi Arabia E-Visa from Macau

Follow these steps using an internet-connected device:

  • Complete the online Saudi visit visa application form, providing essential information.
  • Submit the visa fee payment using your preferred method.
  • Carefully attach the required documents, especially the passport scan, and click 'submit.'
  • Updates or Corrections to the Application. If a mistake is made during data entry, swift contact with customer service is crucial. However, updates after application submission may necessitate a reapplication, but early communication could waive extra charges.

Documents Required for E-Visa Application

Ensure you have:

  • A valid passport with six months' validity post-arrival
  • A passport with at least two blank pages to get a visa stamp
  • A recent portrait photo which is taken recently
  • Clear scan of the passport's first page
  • Frequently used email address
  • Suitable payment method (credit/debit cards, Paypal)

For the visa application process, Macau citizens need a smooth internet connection and full documents required

For the visa application process, Macau citizens need a smooth internet connection and full documents required

3. Saudi Visa Cost and Processing Time for Macau Citizens

Cost of Saudi E-Visa

The visa fee includes government and service charges, varying based on traveler needs. The service fee is paid for the consultation and documents support. Meanwhile, the government fee is paid to the Saudi Embassy in order to process an e-visa.

Processing Time Options

Choose among these processing durations:

  • Standard: 3 business days
  • Rush: 48 business hours
  • Super rush: 24 business hours

Payment of Saudi visa costs is quick and simple with the Saudi Arabia Immigration Service system.

Payment of Saudi visa costs is quick and simple with the Saudi Arabia Immigration Service system.

4. FAQs Regarding Saudi E-Visa for Macau Visitors

How to check visa approval status?

Visa approval notifications will be sent via email, and updates can be accessed through the "Check status" feature or by contacting customer service. Please check your email frequently to update more latest information during the procedure.

How long does it take to get a KSA e-visa?

For Macau tourists, visa processing times range from 24 hours to 3 days, depending on the chosen service.

Can Macau citizens do Umrah with a Saudi E-Visa?

Yes. Macau citizens can participate in Umrah with an online visa, except during the Hajj season.

How early to apply for a Saudi visa for Macau citizens?

Planning ahead is advised. Apply at least one or two weeks before your intended trip to ensure a smooth process.

This comprehensive guide aims to clarify Saudi Arabia's visa requirements for Macau citizens. For further inquiries or to initiate your Saudi Arabia visa application, proceed now!

Saudi Arabia Embassy in Macau contact

The Saudi Arabian Embassy isn't present in Macau. If you require visa application assistance, consider reaching out to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in China. When planning a short trip (visit and tourist), opting for the Saudi online visa proves to be the most suitable choice.

Convert Macau time to KSA time

Travelers should know the time in Macau is 5 hours ahead of Saudi Arabia. For example, 10:00 Monday in Macau is 05:00 Monday in Saudi Arabia.

Is there a direct flight from Macau to Saudi Arabia

Macau and Riyadh have over 4 and approximately 6 flights per week. The most popular airlines for this route are Flynas, Thai AirAsia, AirAsia, China Eastern Airlines, and Flyadeal.

Traveling between Macau and Riyadh, you can choose between direct (nonstop) flights or flights with one or more stops. It takes around 10 hours with non-stop flights.