Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Finland citizens

If you are a Finnish citizen and are planning to visit Saudi Arabia, this article is for you.

All the latest information on Saudi visa requirements for Finnish citizens is updated here. The application process, documents to prepare, fees, and frequently asked questions by Finland applicants when applying for a visa to enter Saudi.

1. Do Finland citizens need a visa for Saudi Arabia?

Saudi visas are required for citizens of Finland. So, if you have a Finnish passport and want to visit Saudi Arabia, you must first get your Saudi visa approved. The Saudi e-visa is for purposes of tourism and is valid for 1 year, allowing Finland travelers to stay in Saudi for up to 90 days for each visit. 

By making it easier for Finland citizens to obtain visas, Saudi
        Arabia can attract more tourists from Finland.

By making it easier for Finland citizens to obtain visas, Saudi Arabia can attract more tourists from Finland. 

How many ways to get a Saudi visa for Finland citizens?

Finland citizens can apply for a Saudi Arabia visit visa in two ways:

  • Fill out an application anywhere, including the Saudi Embassy in Finland. This traditional method is frequently used by tourists who want to visit Saudi Arabia for other reasons (medical examination, family visit visa, working visa, and study visa). Candidates from Finland can apply in this manner for a visa.
  • Online application for a Saudi visa, also known as an e-Visa or Saudi electronic visa.

Do Finland citizens need an Umrah visa to perform?

A Saudi e-visa allows Finland visitors to enter the country for Umrah as long as they are not performing Hajj.

As a result, Finnish citizen does not need to apply for an Umrah visa in order to make the pilgrimage.

2. How to apply for a KSA visit visa from Finland?

Saudi visa online is a new method of applying for a visa. A Saudi electronic visa, also called is e-Visa is another name for it. Finland nationals can apply for a Saudi visa from Finland using only an internet-connected device.

Step by step of Saudi visa application online

  • Step 1: Fill out the Saudi visa application form. Please fill in your contact information in the blanks.
  • Step 2: After double-checking your information, let's make the payment. When finished, you will receive an email confirming and a request email for extra documents.
  • Step 3: Obtain a visa document in electronic form. The approved Saudi e-Visa will be electronically processed and issued, and the traveler will be notified via email.
  • Step 4: Have your passport stamped. Please print your eVisa before traveling to Saudi Arabia. If you have a valid eVisa, your passport will be stamped.

Finland can apply from the comfort of their own home or office, and
        avoid having to visit a Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate in person.

Finland can apply from the comfort of their own home or office, and avoid having to visit a Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate in person.

What information is contained in the online Saudi Arabia visa application form?

Citizens of Finland who wish to visit Saudi Arabia must fill out an online application form. Filling out all of the application details takes about 10 minutes using this online form:

  • The passport number, expiration date, and country of issue.
  • Name, address, and phone number in full.
  • Travel schedule.

Before applying, it is highly recommended that you prepare all of the necessary documents so that the e-visa process runs smoothly and quickly:

  • Applicants from Finland must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry and has at least two blank pages for stamps.
  • A recent color portrait of themselves in any size.
  • A scanned copy of the passport's biographical page with all details.
  • Before arriving in Saudi Arabia, nationals of Finland are required by law to acquire travel insurance.

3. How much is the Saudi Arabia visa fee from Finland?

The Saudi Arabia visa price will include two types of fees when you book our tourist online visa service:

  • The Saudi Government fee is required of all applicants seeking an eVisa KSA.
  • The Saudi visa service fee is the amount that applicants from Finland must pay for our services in advance.

How long does a Saudi visa take to process?

Our company offers three levels of Saudi visa processing:

  • Normal: Within three business days, you should receive your e-Visa approval.
  • Urgent: It's critical that you get your e-Visa approved within 48 hours.
  • Super Urgent: An e-Visa must be approved immediately within 1 business day.

It should be noted that the higher the service fee, the faster the visa application will be processed.

It is not to be missed by visitors to Finland!

Travel insurance must include COVID-19 coverage.

To apply for a Saudi tourist visa online successfully, the Finland candidate must ensure that the Saudi travel insurance covers covid insurance. In order to process your visa application, the Saudi government requires travel insurance.

Should Finland purchase a Saudi SIM card in order to perform Umrah?

Saudi Arabia sim cards will allow you to stay in touch with family and friends while traveling, and the internet connection will allow you to complete online tasks.

Saudi Immigration Services assists Finland tourists in obtaining low-cost SIM cards. The prices of Saudi sim cards are reasonable. Let's use our website to buy Saudi sim cards quickly and cheaply.

By offering e-visas, Saudi Arabia can make it easier for tourists
        from Finland to visit the country.

By offering e-visas, Saudi Arabia can make it easier for tourists from Finland to visit the country. 

More Saudi eVisa information for Finland citizens

When is the best time for Finland citizens to apply for a Saudi online visa?

A thorough and stringent approval process is required when checking Saudi visa requirements. As a result, we recommend that Finland citizens plan ahead of time for their visas to ensure their eligibility to enter this country.

To avoid unnecessary delays, apply two weeks before you plan to visit this country.

How can Finnish citizens check Saudi visas online?

Customers in Finland can use our status check feature to check Saudi visa status:

You can easily track the progress of your Saudi Arabia e-Visa by simply filling out the form with the requested information. Include your application reference number (or full name), passport number, and email address (which you use to apply). After 30 minutes, applicants will receive e-visa results, allowing them to track the status of their visa application.

How many times can citizens of Finland visit Saudi Arabia using an online visa?

The Saudi Arabia e-Visa allows for multiple entries and a maximum stay of 90 days.

Time difference between Saudi Arabia and Finland

Saudi Arabia is 1 hour ahead of Finland. If you are planning to visit this country, be aware of the time to make sure you are on time for your flight or departure time.

Hope this article gives you the latest information about Saudi e-visa for Finland citizens. If you also have any questions or want to book a Saudi online visa, let's contact us now.