Check Saudi Arabia e-Visa requirements for Greek citizens

Saudi Arabia is known for its mountains in Abha, beaches on the Red Sea, and the shifting sands of the Empty Quarter.

Saudi people are famous for their warm hospitality, rich heritage, vibrant culture, and diverse and breathtaking landscapes.

Throughout this post, let Saudi Arabia Immigration Services give you the updated news on Saudi Arabia e-visa requirements for Greece citizens. Detail for Immigration rules, cost, and documentation required.

1. Check the Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Greek citizens.

Saudi eVisa informations

Saudi Arabia electronic visa, also known as Saudi e-visa, Saudi Online visa system, etc., will be available beginning in 2019. International visitors from 49 eligible countries can apply for an e-Visa from any location with an internet connection.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is opening its doors to the world and making it easier for foreign visitors to visit. The Saudi government has approved e-visa for Greece citizens which are used for tourism and visit purposes only. This e-visa is valid for 1 year from the date of issue with multiple entries which do not stay exceed for 9 days per visit.

How many times can Greek citizens visit Saudi Arabia with an online visa?

The Saudi Arabia e-Visa allows e-visa holders for multiple entries, with a maximum stay of 90 days.

What types of Saudi e-Visa for Greece citizens?

What types of Saudi e-Visa for Greece citizens?

2. How can I apply for a Saudi Arabia visa from Greece?

Step by step to apply Saudi Arabia online visa

  • Step 1: Fill out the online Saudi Arabia visa application form.
  • Step 2: Pay your bill. But first, let us double-check your information to ensure that it is correct. The email with the full payment will be sent to you, and you will be asked to submit some additional documents to complete the application.
  • Step 3: Check your email for confirmation. The e-Visa will be processed and issued electronically and emailed to the candidates.
  • Step 4: Obtain your visa approval. When you arrive with a valid e-Visa, please print it and have it stamped in your passport.

What information in the Saudi Arabia visa application online form?

Greek citizens planning to visit Saudi Arabia must complete an online application form. Using this online form, filling out all of the details on the application takes about 10 minutes:

  • Passport number, expiration date, and issuing country
  • Full name, address, and phone number
  • Dates of travel

Before applying, Saudi Arabia Immigration Services recommends that you should prepare all the necessary documents for e-visa process be smooth and quickly:

  • Greece applicants must have a passport which is valid for 6 months from the date of entry and have at least 2 bank pages for stamps.
  • A recent portrait of themselves in any size with color.
  • A scanned copy of the biographical page in the passport with full details.

How to fill Saudi e-visa application form online from Greece?

How to fill Saudi e-visa application form online from Greece?

3. Check Saudi Arabia e-visa price

Cost of Saudi visa for Schengen visa holders include 02 kind of visa fee:

  • The governance fee is a fee that all visitors applying for a visa must pay to the Saudi government.
  • Saudi visa service fee: The service fee will cover the activities that we provide to customers, such as advising you on the Saudi Arabia e-Visa, providing the documents you require, reviewing your application, and informing you of the outcome of your application. We will obtain your e-Visa from the Saudi government and send it to you before you arrive in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi e-Visa processing times

Your processing time will be determined by the speed you select at checkout. Keep in mind that the faster the processing time, the higher the services cost:

  • The standard processing time for reviewing and approving your e-visa application form is three days.
  • Your application will be approved in 48 hours if you choose rush processing.
  • Select the Super Rush processing for the fastest processing speed. Your visa will be delivered to you within 24 hours.

How long to get approval Saudi e-Visa for Greek passport holders?

How long to get approval Saudi e-Visa for Greek passport holders?

Is travel insurance covering covid-19 Saudi Arabia required?

The Saudi government requires travel insurance in order to process your visa application. To successfully apply for a Saudi tourist visa online, the Greek candidate must ensure that their Saudi travel insurance covers covid insurance.

How much is a sim card in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia sim cards will allow you to stay in contact with your family and friends while traveling, and the internet connection will allow you to complete online tasks.

Saudi Immigration Services assists Greek tourists in obtaining low-cost travel SIM cards. The prices of Saudi sim cards are reasonable. Let's use our website to buy Saudi sim cards quickly and cheaply.

4. Saudi Arabia visa FAQs

Do Greece passport holders need a visa to visit Saudi Arabia?

Yes. To enter Saudi Arabia as a tourist, Greek citizens must obtain a visa.

How EU citizens can visit Saudi Arabia?

EU residents visiting KSA have two options for obtaining an entry visa:

  • Apply for a visa at the Saudi Embassy in Greece or any other location near you. This is the traditional method for candidates to arrive and wait in line for an interview. If the Saudi immigration rules are followed, the visa will be approved.
  • If you are visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism or a short pilgrimage to Umrah, we recommend that you apply for a visa online.

Should Greek citizens buy Saudi sim cards for Umrah?

Any Greek visitors visiting Saudi should buy a Saudi Arabia sim card. Staying connected to the internet during your trip makes it possible for you to handle your work remotely (answering emails, urgent messages, etc.) yourself with friends and family.

It's great that now you can buy Saudi Arabia sim cards online easily. Saudi Immigration Service already has provided you with this utility right on the website, for only a small fee.

Can Greece citizens perform Umrah on e-Visa?

Yes. Greece and residents of the 49 applicable countries can apply for e-Visas online for umrah and visiting Saudi Arabia relatives or friends, but not during the Hajj season.

Who can apply for a Saudi Arabia tourist online visa?

The tourist visa allows Greece to participate in tourism-related activities such as events, family and relative visits, leisure, and Umrah (excluding Hajj), but it does not permit other activities such as studying or working.

How long is KSA e-visa validity?

The eVisa will be valid for one year from the date of ETA grant.

The best time to apply for a Saudi Arabia e-Visa?

Saudi Arabia Immigration Services recommends that you apply for an e-Visa at least 7 days before your trip to KSA. The e-visa will be processed from 1 to 3 business days after submitting the form. Therefore, a week before the travel date is the perfect time to apply for a visa.

Thank you for your interest in the Saudi Arabia e-visa for Greek citizens. If you want to book a trip to Saudi Arabia online, please contact Saudi Immigration Services. Also, if you have any FAQ questions, please contact us.