Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Jordan citizens

In recent years, more and more Jordanian citizens have been coming to Saudi Arabia seeking enjoyable experiences. Before planning a trip to this Middle Eastern country, it is important to keep in mind the need to obtain a visa to ensure legal entry.

Let's take a look at the Saudi Arabian e-visa requirements for Jordan citizens, as well as the visa application process!

1. Check Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Jordan citizens

Jordan is not on the exempt country list for Saudi Arabia visas, so a Saudi Arabia visa is REQUIRED.

Saudi Arabia visa for Jordan citizens

A Saudi Arabian visa is essential for Jordanian citizens who wish to travel to this Middle Eastern country and remain there for a specified period. Depending on the purpose of their visit, such as tourism, business, work, or pilgrimage, Jordanian citizens can apply for a relevant visa category.

Jordan applicants should prepare documents carefully so that their visa application process can go smoothly. This is also to ensure that they will receive their visa in a timely manner.

Can I apply Saudi e- visa for Jordan citizens?

No. The Saudi electronic visa is eligible for 49 countries worldwide, excluding Jordan from the list. Therefore, Jordanian citizens cannot apply for a Saudi e visa.

Saudi Arabia's e-visa, which the Government of the Kindom of Saudi Arabia introduced in 2019,  is a new visa system that enables foreigners to obtain a visa online to enter KSA country. Saudi electronic visa is valid for 1 year and suitable for those who take short trips to Saudi Arabia.

2. How to apply for Saudi Arabia online visa from Jordan?

Jordanian citizens are NOT ELIGIBLE for a Saudi Arabia e-visa.

Jordanian citizens need to visit the nearest Saudi Arabia Embassy or Consulate to apply for a regular visa. Jordan nationals are strongly advised to begin the visa application process several weeks before their trip to this country to avoid any unforeseen events that may happen.