Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Lesotho citizens

For Lesotho citizens who want to visit Saudi, you need to get information about Saudi entry rules. Understanding the visa requirements and application procedures is essential for a smooth and hassle-free trip.

In this guide, we'll provide detailed information on the Saudi visa for Lesotho citizens, the types of visas available for Lesotho citizens traveling to Saudi Arabia, and the necessary requirements.

Do Lesotho citizens need a visa for Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Lesotho citizens must obtain a visa before entry into Saudi Arabia.

What kinds of Saudi Arabian visas are available for Lesotho citizens?

A visa is REQUIRED for Lesotho passport holders visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism and business purposes. The kinds of Saudi visas available for Lesotho citizens are as follows:

  • Tourist visa

For Lesotho citizens intending to enter Saudi Arabia for short-term tourism purposes.

  • E-visa

Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia e-visas are not available for Lesotho citizens.

  • Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival for Lesotho citizens is not available for entry into Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Lesotho citizens need to contact the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate for instructions on applying for a visa.

Visit the Saudi Arabia embassy in Lesotho to get the details of the contact.

Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Lesotho citizens

To get a Saudi Arabia visa, Lesotho citizens need to provide the requirements documents for the application process, including:

  • Holding a valid Lesotho passport that remains valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay in Saudi Arabia.
  • Providing proof of onward travel (departure) from Saudi Arabia.
  • If you seek further information about Saudi Arabian visas, including available types and application procedures from Lesotho, we recommend visiting or contacting the nearest Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate to your place of residence.

By ensuring you have the necessary documentation and meet all requirements, you can get the Saudi Arabia visa for Lesotho citizens simply and quickly. Let's embark on your journey with confidence and enjoy your time exploring this fascinating country.