Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Maldives citizens

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's allure lies in its enchanting oases, captivating beaches, and rich cultural tapestry, beckoning travelers to experience its wonders at least once in a lifetime.

If you're a citizen of the Maldives planning to venture into this captivating country, this comprehensive guide provides the latest information and regulations regarding Saudi Arabian visas for Maldives citizens.

1. Check Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements for Maldives Citizens

Maldives citizens are required to obtain a Saudi visa irrespective of their intended duration or purpose of visit, in accordance with Saudi visa policy.

With types of Saudi visas available, Maldives citizens can request a visa application through:

  • Apply for a Saudi visa at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Maldives or via other authorized platforms, catering to diverse purposes like medical examinations, family visits, and work or study visas.
  • Apply for a Saudi tourist eVisa online, offering convenience and multiple-entry access to Saudi Arabia.

Maldives citizens who hold Saudi e-visa can enter the country for Umrah performance (excluding the Hajj season)

Maldives citizens who hold Saudi e-visa can enter the country for Umrah performance (excluding the Hajj season)

Saudi Arabia eVisa overview

Introduced in 2019, the Saudi Arabia eVisa serves as an official document granting multiple entries into the country. The Saudi e-visa is granted to those planning to partake in tourist activities or undertake informal visits to friends and relatives in Saudi Arabia.

Deep understanding of Saudi eVisa types for Maldives citizens:

  • Suitable for leisure trips, family visits, events, and Umrah events.
  • Valid for one year from the date of issuance, allowing a maximum stay of 90 days from arrival in Saudi Arabia.
  • Applying for a Saudi Visa from Maldives
  • Maldives citizens can easily apply for a Saudi tourist visa online using any internet-connected device.

Documents required for Saudi visa application

It is highly recommended that Maldives passport holders possess the following documents before starting their application:

  • A passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There should be at least 02 blank passport pages for stamping.
  • A photograph of the applicant that was recently taken.
  • A valid email address.
  • Accepted payment methods for visa fees.

The Saudi visa application process can be completed just in a few steps

The Saudi visa application process can be completed just in a few steps

2. Step-by-Step Visa Application Process:

Fill out the Saudi visit visa application form accurately.

Complete the payment after verifying all information, followed by email confirmation and additional document requests.

Await approval; the processed e-visa will be notified via email. Print the eVisa for passport stamping.

Checking Visa Status Online:

Our customers from Maldives can track Saudi visa status online using our Status Check feature. Provide application reference, passport number, and the email used during application.

Saudi Visa Requirements for Maldives Citizens:

A passport valid for at least 06 months upon arrival and with at least 02 blank pages.

Submission of the passport’s biographical page, recent photograph, accessible email address, and payment method details.

Do I need an Umrah Visa for Maldives Citizens?

No. Maldives citizens can perform Umrah (excluding Hajj season) with a Saudi tourist e-visa, eliminating the need for a separate Umrah e-visa application.

E-visa cost is dependent on the kinds of Saudi visa services that you apply for

E-visa cost is dependent on the kinds of Saudi visa services that you apply for

3. How much of Saudi Visa Fees and Processing Time

Saudi Arabia visa fees: Comprising Government and service fees via our platform, the cost varies based on the chosen processing urgency.

Visa Processing Timeframes:

  • Normal: Approved e-Visa within 03 business days. This is the cheapest service available at Saudi Arabia Immigration Services.
  • Urgent: Approved e-Visa within 48 hours.
  • Super Urgent: e-Visa approval within 24 hours.

4. Traveling Tips for Visiting Saudi Arabia from Maldives

Navigating travel from Maldives to Saudi Arabia becomes smoother with our helpful tips. Don't miss out on these!

Mandatory Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Coverage

The Government of Saudi Arabia mandates travel insurance as a part of the visa application process. To successfully apply for a Saudi tourist visa online, Maldives applicants must ensure that their Saudi travel insurance includes coverage for COVID-19.

Convenient Purchase of Saudi Arabia SIM Cards Online

Acquiring a Saudi Arabia SIM card facilitates seamless communication with family and friends during your travels. A travel sim also allows for the efficient completion of online tasks through uninterrupted internet connectivity.

The pricing for Saudi SIM cards is reasonable. Easily access and purchase Saudi Arabia SIM internet packages at an affordable rate on our website.

Overstaying for Maldives Citizens in Saudi Arabia

Having an e-visa, Maldives citizens can remain in Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days on each trip. Overstaying in Saudi is considered a violation of Saudi law for Maldives citizens and may result in penalties. Specifically: Overstay fees amount to SAR100 for each day past the visa expiration without departing Saudi Arabia.

About Visa on Arrival for Maldives Citizens

Maldives citizens are also eligible for a visa on arrival. However, we recommend applying for the visa at least 7 days before traveling to ensure smooth entry into the country.

This article aims to provide valuable information about Saudi visas for Maldives citizens. Should you have any inquiries or wish to avail of our services, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced staff, well-versed in Saudi Immigration Services, is committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Save time and costs by contacting our Saudi Immigration Services today!

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