Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements for Réunion Citizens

To enter Saudi Arabia, the Réunion needs to know the entry rules. Follow the below information about Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Réunion citizens, the application process, and visa cost.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Saudi Arabia for Réunion Citizens?

Whether you need a visa to visit Saudi Arabia depends on your nationality. Citizens of some countries are allowed to enter the country without a visa or obtain one upon arrival, while others must get one before they travel.

For Réunion citizens, visiting Saudi Arabia requires an available visa.

Where to Apply for a Visit Saudi Arabia Visa for Réunion?

The Saudi online visa for Réunion citizens is not eligible, so, Saudi Arabia visa applications can be submitted in person at one Saudi embassy or consulate.

Please contact the nearest Saudi embassy or consulate for details. Candidates can get to the Saud Arabia Embassy in Réunion before arrive.

Application Process for Saudi Arabia Visa at an Embassy

The application process for a Saudi Arabia visa at an Embassy goes through these simple steps:

  • Applicants have to contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Saudi Arabia.
  • Complete the Saudi Arabia application form and submit it to the embassy or consulate, along with the visa fee, your passport, and the required documents.
  • The embassy/consulate will forward your application to the responsible authority.
  • You will receive a visa application reference number. The embassy/consulate will notify you when your application has been processed. This usually takes about three to five working days.
  • You will receive your passport in the embassy/consulate with the visa attached.
  • Depending on the validity of your visa, you will receive either a single, double, or multiple-entry visa.
  • When traveling to Saudi Arabia, candidates must have a passport with a visa stamp, a confirmed return flight ticket, and proof you have enough funds to cover the duration of your stay.

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements for Réunion Citizens

The requirements to get a Saudi Arabia visa are:

  • A passport is valid for at least six months from the date of entry into the country.
  • Proof of finance to sustain yourself during your stay.
  • Proof that you will leave Saudi Arabia before your visa expires (e.g. a return flight ticket).
  • Documents to prove the purpose of your trip. For example, a letter of invitation from a company if you are traveling for business.
  • If you are applying for a residence, long-term visa for Saudi Arabia, the embassy will notify you about the documents you have to submit.

For the updated entry rule for Saudi visa for Réunion citizens, please contact the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Réunion for details.