Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements for Sri Lankan Citizens

Travelers from Sri Lanka planning to travel to Saudi Arabia are required to obtain a visa. To get a Saudi Arabia visa for Sri Lankan citizens, let's check the visa application requirements of the Saudi Arabia tourist visa for the tourists of Sri Lanka.

Do Sri Lankans need a visa to visit Saudi Arabia?

Sri Lankan passport holders who are planning to visit Saudi Arabia need to apply for a Saudi Visa.

How to apply for a Saudi visa for Sri Lankan citizens?

Because Sri Lanka is not available on the list of eligible countries for Saudi online visas, then Sri Lankans need to visit the nearest Saudi embassy in Sri Lanka to apply.

For the application process and documents required, let's visit the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate for instructions on how to apply for the visa.

What are Saudi Arabia visa fees for Sri Lankan citizens?

The Saudi visa fee is determined by the visa types that Sri Lankan citizens apply for. It is different for all available lists of visa types. You can check the visa fee for Sri Lankan citizens during the application processing time.

Saudi Arabia visa validity for Sri Lankan citizens

The validity of the Saudi Arabia visa for Sri Lankan nationals is for 12 months from the date of the visa issue. Travelers are required to visit Saudi Arabia from Sri Lanka within 12 months from the date of visa approval.

Stay duration of Saudi Arabia visa for Sri Lankan national

The stay duration of a Saudi Arabia visa for Sri Lankan citizens depends upon the visa type to which Sri Lankan travelers have applied. For the latest information, the Sri Lankan candidates need to contact the nearest Saudi Embassy.