Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Turkey citizens

Turkey shares a deep cultural affinity with Saudi Arabia, drawing many Turkish citizens to explore its rich heritage, architectural wonders, scenic landscapes, and unique attractions.

For Turkish citizens planning a visit to Saudi Arabia, understanding the Saudi visa process, including necessary documents, processing time, and costs, is vital.

In this article, Saudi Arabia Immigration Services gives you detailed information about Saudi Arabia visas for Turkish citizens! Let's continue reading!

1. Saudi Visa for Turkish Citizens: Requirements and Types

Do Turkish citizens need visas to visit Saudi?

Irrespective of the duration or purpose of their visit, Turkish passport holders must adhere to all Saudi visa regulations. The following guide outlines the Saudi visa process for travelers from Turkey or any other country.

What is Saudi Arabia e-Visa for Turkish citizens?

The Saudi Arabia eVisa, introduced in 2019, is an official document facilitating multiple entries into Saudi Arabia. This electronic visa eliminates the need for appointments or complex paperwork at the KSA Embassy or Consulate.

  • The Saudi e-visa permits sightseeing, family visits, attending events, and Umrah.
  • It's valid for multiple entries within one year, allowing a total stay of 90 days which is valid for 1 year from the travel date for Turkish applicants.

Saudi Arabia e-visa is a common way for Turkish citizens to get a visa to KSA

Saudi Arabia e-visa is a common way for Turkish citizens to get a visa to KSA

2. Applying for a Saudi Visa from Turkey

Recent changes in technology have made applying for a Saudi tourist visa for Turkish citizens easier. Accessible via internet-enabled devices, Turkish passport holders can swiftly obtain an electronic visa for Saudi Arabia through our online Saudi Arabia visa services.

Application guidelines

  • Step 1: Complete the online Saudi visa application form available on our portal, providing accurate personal information such as your name, date of birth and passport information, etc..
  • Step 2: Make the required payment after reviewing your details, and upon completion, expect an email confirmation and request for additional documentation will be sent via email.
  • Step 3: Await the processed e-visa, delivered electronically via email. Ensure to print it before arriving in Saudi Arabia for visa stamping.

How to check KSA visa status?

Turkish customers can utilize our status check feature to monitor their Saudi visa status online through Saudi Immigration Services. Simply fill out the form with the requested information, including reference number (or full name), passport details, and the email used during the application. After 30 minutes, the result will be sent to you through an email that you have provided to us before.

How can a Turkish citizen get a Saudi visa online? Let’s keep reading.

How can a Turkish citizen get a Saudi visa online? Let’s keep reading.

3. Saudi Visa Requirements and Costs for Turkish Citizens

How much of KSA Visa Fees?

When availing of our e-visa service, the Saudi Arabia visa fee comprises government and service fees paid through our platform.

Turkish passengers must pay the Saudi government's stipulated charge to apply for an e-visa.

The overall Saudi Arabia e-visa cost varies based on the urgency of processing, wherein higher service fees entail shorter visa processing times.

KSA Visa Processing Timeframes?

Our services offer three levels of Saudi online visa processing for Turkish citizens:

  • Normal: Visa within 3 business days, allowing ample time for document preparation.
  • Urgent: Visa arrival within 2 business days for those selecting this option.
  • Super Urgent: Expedited processing within 24 business hours, ideal for urgent travel needs.

The payment process is quick and simple

The payment process is quick and simple

4. Saudi Visa FAQs for Turkish Citizens

Do Turkish citizens need a KSA transit visa?

Transit through Saudi Arabia doesn't require a visa unless travelers exit the international transit area. However, a valid e-visa is mandatory for an extended stay.

What happens if I overstay in Saudi?

Avoid overstaying as Turkish citizens are not permitted to exceed their visa duration. Overstay fines apply for expired visas.

This comprehensive guide provides insights into Saudi e-visas for Turkish citizens. If you plan to visit Saudi Arabia, contact us for swift and economical visa assistance from our team of knowledgeable local experts.

Can I work in Saudi with an e-visa?

No. Turkish citizens can't work in Saudi with an e-visa. For various purposes (medical, work, study), Turkish citizens may apply for a visa at the Saudi embassy in Turkey or elsewhere.

When should I apply for a Saudi e-visa?

The KSA application process is quick and simple, yet for better planning, we highly recommend that Turkish citizens obtain the approved online visa at least 7 days before their journey.

Hope this article gives you detailed useful information about Saudi visas for Turkish citizens. Let’s contact you to get the approval visa now!