Saudi Arabia visa for UAE citizens: Umrah visa from Dubai 2024

1. Check Saudi Arabia e visa requirements for UAE citizens

UAE is on the exemption list for Saudi Arabia eVisa, so UAE passport holders are NOT REQUIRED to obtain a visa to visit Saudi Arabia. Emirates citizens can enter Saudi Arabia and remain in the country for 90 days without a visa.

2. How to apply for a Saudi e Visa for UAE residents?

Although UAE citizens can enter Saudi Arabia visa-free, UAE residents are required to obtain a visa unless they have a Saudi passport. If foreign nationals residing in UAE hold a passport from one of 49 eligible countries, they can apply for the KSA eVisa online.

Get an Umrah visa from Dubai online?

For UAE citizens, it is not mandatory to apply for a work or family visit visa to enter Saudi Arabia. However, for religious purposes, a Hajj or Umrah visa is required.

Upon visa issuance, you can enter Saudi Arabia within 3 months. To apply Saudi Umrah visa from Dubai, UAE citizens can directly approach the Saudi Arabian embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, apply online through the official website, or use the services of an authorized agency. Check the Umrah visa cost, processing details, and related requirements HERE

The exemption list for Saudi Arabia eVisa