Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Uzbekistan citizens

Almost all travelers to Saudi need to acquire a valid visa to visit Saudi Arabia legally. Luckily, over 50 nationalities are eligible for Saudi Arabia online visas, including Uzbekistan.

Let's keep reading to have a deeper understanding of the Saudi Arabian visa requirements for Uzbekistan citizens, as well as the best way to apply for a visa!

Saudi Arabia e-visa for Uzbekistan citizens

Saudi Arabia e-visa for Uzbekistan citizens

1. Check Saudi Arabia e-Visa for Uzbek Citizens

Yes. As noted above, a Saudi visa is required for Uzbek citizens. Following the purpose of entry, the types of visas are different. Uzbek citizens can apply for a visa in the Saudi embassy or apply through the e-visa system.

What is the Saudi e-visa for Uzbek citizens?

Uzbekistan passport holders can acquire a Saudi e-Visa allowing multiple entries, permitting a stay of up to 90 days in Saudi Arabia. Uzbek citizens who hold Saudi e-visa can join the Umrah.

Can Uzbek citizens do Umrah with Saudi eVisa valid?

Yes, it is possible to perform Umrah with an e-visa in Saudi Arabia. The e-visa system allows pilgrims to apply online for the necessary visa to perform Umrah but excludes the Hajj season. Also, an Uzbek, who holds a Saudi e-visa, needs to check the latest visa requirements and guidelines set by the Saudi government before planning your trip, as regulations might change over time.

2. Applying for a Saudi e-Visa in Uzbekistan - Step-by-Step Guide

Uzbek citizens intending to visit Saudi Arabia can obtain a Saudi e-Visa swiftly and conveniently through an online application process. Here's a comprehensive guide for Uzbekistan passport holders seeking to explore Saudi Arabia.

Obtain a Saudi e-Visa in Uzbekistan:

  • Step 1: Complete the Online Visa Application Form

Input accurate personal details into the Saudi visa application form available online.

  • Step 2: Review and Payment

Verify all provided information and proceed with payment. An email confirmation will be sent upon successful payment, prompting additional document submission if required.

  • Step 3: Visa Approval

The approved Saudi e-Visa will be electronically processed and issued. Travelers will receive email notifications regarding their visa status.

  • Step 4: Passport Stamping

Print the eVisa before traveling to Saudi Arabia; a valid eVisa ensures passport stamping.

Saudi Arabia e-visa requirements for Uzbekistan citizens

Saudi Arabia e-visa requirements for Uzbekistan citizens

Document Requirements for Uzbekistan Citizens

The Saudi e-Visa application process for Uzbekistan citizens is entirely electronic. Necessary documents include:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • Health coverage (applicable through our e-Visa platform).
  • Recent passport-sized photograph in formal attire against a white background.

3. Updates Saudi Arabia Visa Cost and Services

Applicants need to pay visa fees which include government fees and service fees when registering on our platform. Services fees depend on the rush visa services you apply for. It is the level of processing time for Saudi e-Visas.

  • Normal Processing: 3 business days.
  • Urgent Processing: Less than 48 hours.
  • Super Urgent Processing: Within 24 hours.

As a faster process, the Saudi visa cost must be higher. Saudi Immigration Services is higher recommends that applicants apply for the visa early, 7 days before the trip begins to ensure a smooth trip.

The Uzbek citizens can choose applications for a group of up to 15 pax. You can save time to fill out the application and have the best visa deal for visa services cost. Lets contact us for more information.

In another hand, the Uzbek applicant can pay a small fee for Saudi Sim Card 4G. The trip is more inviting with an internet connection; you can stay connected with family, share activities, and resolve business through your trip.

Saudi Arabia e-visa requirements for Uzbekistan citizens

Saudi Arabia e-visa requirements for Uzbekistan citizens

4. [Updates] Saudi e-Visa Regulations for Uzbek citizens

Mandatory Travel Insurance

Saudi Arabia requires travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage for visa approval. The policy should align with the specified dates in the MOFA's Visa Issuance System (Enjaz).

COVID-19 Policy Updates

From August 22, 2022, Saudi Arabia opened its doors to tourists worldwide, abolishing COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements. So, Uzbek citizens can travel to Saudi without worrying about the COVID rule.

Additional Regulations

  • Uzbek parents must apply for e-Visas for children under 18 separately.
  • Non-refundable fees apply if the e-visa application is rejected.


Visit Saudi Arabia Immigration Services for our convenient Saudi Arabia visa platform, ensuring a hassle-free online application process. Obtain a Saudi e-Visa for Uzbek citizens and explore this captivating country NOW!