Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Yemeni citizens

Saudi Arabia is a land of culture that is quickly gaining popularity as a favorite travel destination for international travelers. It lies in the Middle East, and because of its extensive religious and cultural past, Saudi Arabia is an excellent place for tourists seeking a singular experience. For those interested in discovering heritage sites, Riyadh is a must-visited attraction where you can get an intimate view of history.

Yemen passport holders need to acquire a valid visa to visit Saudi Arabia legally. Let's keep reading to have a deeper understanding of the Saudi Arabian visa requirements for Yemen citizens, as well as the best way to apply for a Saudi visa!

1. Check Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Yemen Citizens

Yemen is not on the exempt country list for Saudi Arabia visas, so a Saudi Arabia visa is REQUIRED.

Can I apply Saudi e- visa for Yemeni citizens?

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced the electronic visa system to speed up the process of obtaining a visa in 2019. According to this new visa regulation, citizens of 49 eligible countries can take advantage of this to enter and travel within Saudi.

But Yemen is not eligible for a Saudi Arabia electronic visa. Therefore, Yemeni citizens cannot apply for a Saudi e visa.

What type of Saudi Arabia visa for Yemeni citizens?

Yemen is excluded from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's visa waiver program; thus, a Saudi Arabian visa is a must-have item for Yemen citizens who wish to travel to this Middle Eastern country.

The Saudi Arabian government issues visas for Yemen citizens based on their travel purposes. Some types of Saudi visas available to Yemen passport holders include tourist, business, student, etc. Yemen travelers should also check their visa validity and the staying time allowed with their visa to avoid overstaying a visa.

2. How to apply for Saudi Arabia online visa from Yemen?

Yemen passport holders are NOT ELIGIBLE for Saudi Arabia e visa.

Yemen citizens are recommended to visit the nearest Saudi Arabia Embassy or Consulate to apply for a regular visa. To avoid any unexpected occurrences that may happen, Yemen applicants should start applying for a Saudi visa several weeks before their trips. This is to ensure they have enough documents before departing to Saudi Arabia.