Saudi Arabia e visa requirements for Afghanistan citizens

Saudi Arabia is a nation with a unique culture and a long history. It is a popular travel destination for both international tourists and Afghan nationals. The sights of Saudi Arabia will leave you in amazement, from the soaring peaks of the Asir Mountains to the sweeping deserts of the Empty Quarter.

How can you obtain a tourist visa for Saudi Arabia, let's say you intend to travel there. It may be an easy process, depending on your nationality and the aim of the travel. For more information on Saudi Arabian visa requirements for citizens of Afghan, follow Saudi Arabia Immigration Services.

Rules to enter Saudi Arabia for Afghan citizens

Afghanistan is not on the exempt country list for a Saudi Arabia visa, so a Saudi Arabia visa is REQUIRED.

If you want a visit visa for Saudi Arabia, the first thing is to determine the requirements for your specific country. 

Afghanistan is not listed as a free-visa country to Saudi. Currently, only citizens of a Gulf Cooperation Council country (including Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and UAE.) are exempted from a visa for Saudi, and Afghan need a visa at all.

Afghan passport holders also are NOT ELIGIBLE for a Saudi Arabia electric visa which is approved for citizens of 49 countries to enter Saudi for a short strip.

If you want to stay for a long time or for another purpose (work, study, etc.), let’s check with the nearest embassy or consulate before traveling to Saudi Arabia.

How to apply Saudi Arabia visa for Afghan citizens?

After determining the type of visa you need and checking the visa requirements before booking the trip. You should make sure you will be able to satisfy all the requirements prior to booking.

Obtaining a Visa for Afghan citizens is not too difficult. You may also apply for Saudi visa by ways:

  • Applying in person at the embassy or a consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Through the Embassy's authorized travel agencies.

Important things for Afghan citizens to get Saudi visa: 

  • You should apply for a Saudi visa as soon as possible, typically within several weeks before the trip starts.
  • Saudi Travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage is mandatory for visa approval by the government.
  • Keep documentation of your trip. You will need to submit that documentation as proof of where and why you're traveling to Saudi.
  • Check the length of your trip allowed for your visa. Make sure you will not overstay your visa to avoid any problems in the future. 

Check Saudi e-visa requirements: