Saudi Arabia Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan

Between the two nation-states relationship, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Afghanistan plays an extremely important diplomatic role in developing positive relationships between nations and advancing economic and cultural cooperation.

Saudi Arabia embassy in Afghanistan information

Saudi Arabia's embassy in Kabul is the sole Saudi Arabian representative located in Afghanistan.

  • Address: Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Telephone: (+93) 784 098 355
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Working hours: Monday - Friday, By appointment
  • Closed: Saturday & Sunday

Keep reading to learn more about how Afghanistan citizens can apply for a visa at the embassy to visit this fascinating country! 

What does the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Afghanistan serve?

The embassy stands as a tangible manifestation of Saudi Arabia's resolute dedication to fostering robust engagement with Afghanistan, encompassing a spectrum of crucial services. These services encompass:

  • Saudi Arabian visa processing
  • Renewal and issuance of Saudi Arabian passports
  • Notarial services and legalization
  • Registration of Saudi Arabian individuals residing in Afghanistan
  • Emergency assistance to Saudi Arabian citizens residing in Afghanistan, whether they are residing in or visiting Afghanistan.

To acquire the most current and precise insights into the spectrum of services extended by the Saudi Arabia Embassy within a specific country, we wholeheartedly recommend navigating to direct contact through the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Afghanistan information provided above.

Apply for visas at the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Afghanistan

It is not possible for the people of Afghanistan to obtain a Saudi Arabia e-visa since Afghanistan is not one of the eligible nations. As a result, Saudi Arabian citizens who want to travel there must visit the Saudi Arabian Embassy in their home country to start the visa application procedure.

Check Saudi visa for Afghanistanis here.

To successfully navigate the visa application procedure at the embassy, nationals of Afghanistan should adhere to the subsequent instructions:

  • Step 1: Determine the visa category that aligns with your travel purpose. Identifying the most suitable visa type in accordance with your travel objectives is vital, streamlining both time and expenses.
  • Step 2: Compile all essential documents, including a valid passport, a duly completed visa application form, passport-sized photographs, and any additional documents specifically mandated for the selected visa category.
  • Step 3: Accurately complete the application form with all requisite details and remit the stipulated visa fee following embassy guidelines. Subsequently, proceed to the Saudi Arabia Embassy to lodge your documents along with the visa application form.
  • Step 4: Arrange an appointment: If the embassy necessitates appointment scheduling for visa applications, secure an appointment slot in accordance with the available options.
  • Step 5: Retrieve your visa: Upon approval, collect your granted visa from the embassy or receive it through the designated delivery method.

Should you seek precise and up-to-date information regarding visa services at the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Afghanistan, we recommend visiting the official embassy website or reaching out directly through the provided communication channels.

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