Saudi Arabia rank 33rd in Global Tourism Ranking

Saudi Arabia moved up to 10 places (from 43rd to 33rd) in the world tourism ranking, in the 2021 World Economic Forum (WEF) Travel and Tourism Development Index. The WEF’s new Travel & Tourism Development Index measures against a set of factors that enable the sustainable and resilient development of the Travel and Tourism sector, which in turn contribute to national development.

In 2019, Saudi Arabia launched the National Tourism Strategy, a clear plan to drive forward the aims of Vision 2030. These aims will increase the contribution of the tourism sector to 10% of GDP, create 1million new jobs, and attract 100 million local and international visits annually by 2030.

Saudi Arabia rank 33rd in Global tourism ranking

Saudi Arabia rank 33rd in Global tourism ranking

Saudi’s higher score was achieved by improvements across 12 out of 17 KPIs. Highlights include an improvement from 27th to 10th for business environment, an improvement from 47th to 40th for tourism services and a best in world ranking for managing demand pressure and impact.

This significant improvement in Saudi’s ranking reflects not only considerable investment into tourism but also its global leadership in future-proofing the sector. Focused on sustainable and resilient development, Saudi is bringing together key players in the sector to build a future for tourism that is better for all.