GCC citizens now can apply for an e-Visa of Saudi Arabia

According to the new visa amendments, the Saudi Arabia government has allowed GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) citizens to apply for an e-Visa through an online portal. With an e-Visa, all GCC citizens can enter the country for the purpose of travel. Meanwhile, citizens of the US, UK, or Schengen Agreement countries who have a valid tourist visa may apply for one at the airport as long as they have already used it at least once to enter the country issuing the visa.

Saudi Arabia allows GCC nationals to enter the country

Saudi Arabia allows GCC nationals to enter the country

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism, Ahmed Al Khateeb said the UK, the US, and the EU can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival, while residents of the GCC are permitted to apply for an e-Visa entirely online. The government authorized a ministerial decree amending visa requirements, making traveling to Saudi Arabia become quicker, easier and more accessible.

Enhancing the travelers experience is at the core of the tourism industry, according to Al Khateeb. By using digital innovation to make travel easier for people who wish to visit the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia is welcoming an increasing number of tourists from all over the world.

From now on, all GCC citizens are exempted from Saudi Arabia tourist e-Visa for 90 days in this beautiful country. It includes tourism-related activities which build a bridge connecting various cultures between Saudi Arabia and all nations around the world.